Apodytes dimidiata

Apodytes dimidiata

Common Names

Witpeer (afrikaans)
White Pear (english)
Tshiphopho-madi (venda)
Umdakane (zulu)


Genus Apodytes
Species dimidiata
SA Plant Number 422
Basionym Apodytes dimidiata


Apodytes dimidiata is a hardy, evergreen, beautifully shaped, fairly fast growing tree with dense, glossy, dark green foliage.

Densely clustered spikes of strongly scented, snow-white flowers that are borne from September to April, especially after good rains. The flowers attract many pollinating insects to the garden.

The bees visit the flowers early in the morning when the scent is strongest. When there is a breeze the tiny petals are like confetti blowing around the garden. They are followed by very decorative bunches of black berries with a fleshy red ‘cap’ that attract birds to the garden.

The trunk is white and, in older specimens, becomes patched with lichen. This tree makes a wonderful garden subject.

Can be used as a small avenue tree, as a specimen in a small garden or create a forest effect by planting close together. Its wood is a beautiful pale pinky-brown. It also has many traditional uses.

Size 5 to 10m



Fruit eating birds are attracted by the bright red aril attached to the seeds.

Insectivorous birds are often seen foraging for insects, particularly when this tree is in flower.

Many species of pollinating insects, included bees visit the sweetly scented, pollen-laden flowers.



Used in Zulu traditional medicine for intestinal parasites and ear inflammation.


Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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