South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Acacia brevispica

    Acacia brevispica

    Prickly Thorn, Dorinkiedoring, Umthathawe

    Acacia brevispica (=Senegalia brevispica) is a hardy, semi-deciduous, robust, prickly, scrambling Acacia that can be trained into a large beautiful shrub. It has feathery, large, soft, bipinnate leaves with small hook thorns along the ribs on the underside. Sprays of white puffball flowers are bo...
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  • Acacia hebeclada

    Acacia hebeclada

    Candle Thorn, Candle Pod Acacia, Trassiedoring, Trassiebos, setshi, Mohae

    Acacia hebeclada (=Vachellia hebeclada) is a hardy, small to medium-sized, spreading, deciduous tree or large shrub with paired, sharp spines. The dark brown to grey bark is fissured and flaking.Birds, such as the Red-billed Wood Hoopoe, enjoy probing under the bark for insects. The blue-g...
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  • Acokanthera oppositifolia

    Acokanthera oppositifolia

    Bushman's Poison, Boesmansgif, Inhlungunyembe, Intlungunyembe

    Acokanthera oppositifolia ia a hardy, evergreen, drought-resistant, medium to large upright, woody, shrub with brown, deeply fissured bark on the old wood. The attractive, hard, dark-green, purple or red-tinged leaves have a sharply-pointed tip. Clusters of white to pink-tinged, sweetly-scented flo...
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  • Agathosma ovata

    Agathosma ovata

    False Buchu, Baster Boegoe, umahesala-omhlophe

    Agathosma ovata is a very hardy, evergreen, small shrub that has small dainty, leathery leaves that are aromatic, and when crushed they have a lovely citrus scent. It bears profuse sprays of star-shaped, pale pink to white flowers that almost obscure the leaves at their peak flowering time in winte...
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  • Aloe ciliaris

    Aloe ciliaris

    Rankaalwyn, Climbing Aloe

    Aloe ciliaris is a hardy, climbing Aloe with stems climbing up to 5m if they are supported, but otherwise makes a lovely, clump forming sprawling shrub.  The leaves are in loose rosettes around the stem and fringed with white hairs. Blooms almost all year round with beautiful, bright red flowe...
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  • Andrachne Ovalis

    Andrachne Ovalis

    Valsbliksembos, False Lightening Bush, umbheza, umgqata

    Andrachne ovalis is a fairly hardy, deciduous shrub or small tree that has smooth, light grey bark and attractive dark-green leaves with bluish undersides. It bears tiny clusters of white flowers in the axils of the leaves from November to March. The female flowers are larger and solitary. The att...
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  • Anisodontea Hybrid Classic Cerise

    Anisodontea Hybrid Classic Cerise

    Hybrid Pink Mallow

    Anisodontea Hybrid Classic Cerise is a very hardy, medium sized, hybrid shrub has soft, thinly textured, lobed leaves and bears masses of bright pink Hibiscus-like flowers for most of the year. It is so floriferous that it is difficult to find a time to prune it, but do prune lightly to encourage it...
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  • Asparagus laricinus

    Asparagus laricinus

    Bushveld Asparagus, Katdoring, imvane

    Asparagus laricinus is a very hardy, evergreen, shrubby Asparagus with fine, feathery foliage and silvery, zigzag branchlets. It has a myriad of tiny, white, nectar-rich flowers in spring and summer that are fragrant and attract insects and birds. It then bears attractive red and black berries tha...
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  • Asparagus transvaalensis

    Asparagus transvaalensis

    Bushveld Asparagus, Katdoring, imvane

    Asparagus transvaalensis is a very hardy, evergreen, stiff shrubby Asparagus with short fine, feathery foliage and silvery branchlets. It has a myriad of tiny white, nectar rich flowers in spring and summer that are exceptionally fragrant and attract insects and birds. It then bears attractive black...
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  • Asparagus virgatus

    Asparagus virgatus

    Broom Asparagus

    Asparagus virgatus is an extremely hardy, evergreen, erect, stiff shrublet with long slender stems. This drought-resistant, attractive plant forms quite large and attractive clumps. The dark-green leaves are fine and almost threadlike. It bears tiny white flowers that hang below the foliage in su...
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