South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Andropogon eucomis

    Andropogon eucomis

    Snowflake Grass, Kleinwitbaardgras

    Andropogon eucomis is a very hardy, small upright growing grass with bright green foliage that is concentrated at the base of the plant. The glistening white seed heads are borne at the tip of reddish stems from November to May. This widespread grass is ornamental and easy to manage in the garden. ...
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  • Aristida congesta barbicollis

    Aristida congesta barbicollis

    Lossteekgras, Spreading Three Awn, Seloka, ingongoni

    Aristida congesta subsp. barbicollisis a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, delicate, perennial, tufted grass with long, white hairs where the leaf meets the stem. It bears delicate, twisted spikelets at the tips of branches from October to May. This tough, pioneer grass can be used to stabi...
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  • Aristida junciformis

    Aristida junciformis

    nGongoni grass

    Aristada junciformis is a handsome, very hardy, thick tufted grass with copious wispy seed heads that sway beautifully in the wind. The seeds persist on the plant for an extended period from November. to May, and the culms are slow to yellow with the onset of winter, making this a good landscape gra...
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  • Cenchrus ciliaris

    Cenchrus ciliaris

    Bloubuffelgras, Blue Buffalo Grass

    Cenchrus ciliaris is a tufted, shrubby perennial grass with bright green to blue-green leaves that are up to a metre long. The grass culms are jointed, and roots often arise at these joints or nodes. The flower spikes are bristly and cat-tail like, carried on stalks just above the leaves. Tiny...
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  • Chloris gayana

    Chloris gayana

    Rhodes Grass, Rhodesgras

    Chloris gayana is a hardy, evergreen very leafy tufted perennial grass. It has finger-like (digitate) flowering heads from November to May. When it is in seed it will be regularly visited by seed eating birds. It is very attractive when you see a stand of these grasses waving in the breeze, addin...
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  • Eragrostis capensis

    Eragrostis capensis

    Hartjiesgras, Small Heart Seed Grass, Umbhimbane

    Eragrostis capensis is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, densely-tufted, small perennial grass. The blue-green, slender leaves have purple bases. The flower spikes are held erect with plump, golden, heart-shaped spikelets from September to May. This grass prefers growing in moist areas and...
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  • Eragrostis gummiflua

    Eragrostis gummiflua

    Gomgras, Gum Grass

    Eragrostis gummiflua is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, perennial grass with sparse, hard, tough leaves. It bears attractive, large racemes of pink to purple flowers and seeds on stiff branches from November to May. Parts of this grass are quite sticky, hence the common name. Plant in ...
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  • Eragrostis superba

    Eragrostis superba

    Saw-tooth Love Grass

    Eragrostis superba is a hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, perennial grass that has attractive, bright-green leaves, mostly concentrated at the base of the tuft. It flowers from September to May and has a spikelet of beautiful, large, golden, heart-shaped seeds. An attractive garden subject. As ...
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  • Melinis nerviglumis

    Melinis nerviglumis

    Steekblaarblinkgras, Bristle Leaved Red Top

    Melinis nerviglumis is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, dense, tufted, perennial grass with beautiful grey leaves. The gorgeous plumes of shiny fluffy pink to red seeds appear all year round and attract small seed eating birds. It makes an attractive addition to a grassland garden planted in sun or sem...
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  • Melinis repens

    Melinis repens

    Natalse Rooipluim, Natal Redtop

    Melinis repens is a hardy, tufted, weakly perennial grass with greyish green leaves.It has beautiful plumes of hairy, pink flowers that become pale, almost white as they mature. Flowers and seeds from September to June. This is the grass you see along the roads shining in the sun. It generally grows...
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