South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Vangueria infausta

    Vangueria infausta

    wild medlar, wilde mispel, mpfilwa, mmilo, muzwilu, mavelo, umviyo, umtulwa, umvilo, umbizo, umviyo, mmilo, mothwany, umvile, amantulwane

    Vangueria infausta is a hardy, drought resistant, deciduous, large shrub or small tree with big, velvety leaves. Clusters of small, greenish-white, sweetly scented flowers are borne from September to November usually before the leaves appear. The pulp of the refreshing, nutritious, edible fruits m...
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  • Vepris lanceolata

    Vepris lanceolata

    White Ironwood, Witysterhout, Muhondwa, Umozana, umZane, Muruvula

    Vepris lanceolata is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive tree with apple green foliage. It blooms with a myriad of small, white flowers from December to January, which give the tree a lacy look.  The black berries ripen throughout the autumn and winter and are an important source of food for ...
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  • Volkameria glabrum

    Volkameria glabrum

    Smooth Tinderwood, Tontelhout, moswaapeba, munukha-tshilongwe, inunkisqaqa, umqaqongo

    Volkameria (=Clerodendrum) glabrum is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, fast-growing, small tree or large shrub with a dense crown. It has shiny, dark-green leaves that are pungent when crushed. From December to June it bears profuse, dense clusters of white to pinkish flowers that have long stamens. In...
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