South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Mackaya bella

    Mackaya bella

    Blouklokkiesbos, River Bells, Uzwathi

    Mackaya bella is a hardy, evergreen shrub with dark green, glossy leaves. It bears, magnificent long bunches of lilac or white, trumpet-shaped flowers from early spring to November. It grows in deep shade where the flowers seem to glow in the dark. The beautiful flowers have purple streaks in them t...
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  • Malephora purpureo-crocea

    Malephora purpureo-crocea

    Copper Vygie, Vingerkanna

    Malephora purpurea-crocea is a hardy, evergreen, spreading, succulent groundcover that has pale-green to blue-green, triangular leaves. It bears the most beautiful, glistening coppery-orange flowers with a purple underside, which open in bright sunlight.  The flowers are borne en masse in spri...
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  • Maytenus bachmannii

    Maytenus bachmannii

    Willow Koko Tree, Wilgerkokoboom

    Maytenus bachmannii is a very pretty evergreen shrub with small, narrow leaves that have pink stalks. It bears abundant, small, white flowers that have pink stalks from January to March and attract insects to the garden. It then bears red berries for most of the year.  This is a well-shaped, e...
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  • Melianthus comosus

    Melianthus comosus

    Feathery Touch-me-not, Kruidjie-roer-my-nie, ibonya

    Melianthus comosus is a very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant fast growing shrub with attractive divided, strongly aromatic leaves. The sprays of scarlet flowers are sweet smelling and have abundant nectar which attracts insects, bees, butterflies, Sunbirds and Cape White eyes. It is a really bea...
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  • Melinis nerviglumis

    Melinis nerviglumis

    Steekblaarblinkgras, Bristle Leaved Red Top

    Melinis nerviglumis is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, dense, tufted, perennial grass with beautiful grey leaves. The gorgeous plumes of shiny fluffy pink to red seeds appear all year round and attract small seed eating birds. It makes an attractive addition to a grassland garden planted in sun or se...
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  • Melinis repens

    Melinis repens

    Natalse Rooipluim, Natal Redtop

    Melinis repens is a hardy, tufted, weakly perennial grass with greyish green leaves. It has beautiful plumes of hairy, pink flowers that become pale, almost white as they mature. Flowers and seeds from September to June. This is the grass you see along the roads shining in the sun. It generally ...
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  • Mentha longifolia

    Mentha longifolia

    Wild Spearmint

    Mentha longifolia is a hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, perennial herb which grows in damp areas and has long, thin, bright-green leaves with slightly serrated margins.When crushed they are strongly mint-scented. It has slender spikes of white to pale-mauve flowers from December to Febraury.It...
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  • Metarungia longistrobus

    Metarungia longistrobus

    Sun Bird Bush, Sonbekkiebos

    Metarungia longistrobus is a hardy, evergreen, neat shrub with glossy, grey-green leaves. The conical shaped spikes of peachy-orange flowers attract sunbirds and resemble the shrimp plant. It blooms from April to July. An attractive, neat shrub, that flowers for a long period in late summer and win...
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  • Millettia grandis

    Millettia grandis

    Umzimbeet, Umzimbeet, Umsimbithi, Umsimbithi

    Milletia grandis is a hardy, decorative, medium sized, briefly deciduous tree that has a dense spreading crown. The new growth of the large leaves is a beautiful bronze colour when they first unfurl in spring and then turn almost lime green, darkening with age. It has large, magnificent, erect spi...
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  • Mimusops caffra

    Mimusops caffra

    Coastal Red Milkwood, Kusrooimelkhout, Umkhakhayi, Umtunzi

    Mimusops caffra is a hardy, medium-sized to large, evergreen tree with a dense neat crown of attractive grey-green leaves. This tree tolerates heavy salt spray and this same mechanism allows it to tolerate quite a lot of frost even though it is a plant of the dune forest. It bears creamy white flowe...
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