South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Lachenalia  Hybrids

    Lachenalia Hybrids

    Cape Cowslip

    Lachenalia hybrids belong to a group of small, fairly hardy, hyacinth-like, deciduous bulbous plants. In winter they produce attractive, strap-shaped, bright green leaves that are sometimes dotted with deep purple markings. Between May and October, a spike of tubular to bell-shaped flowers arises f...
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  • Lampranthus aureus Yellow

    Lampranthus aureus Yellow

    Gouevygie, Golden Vygie

    Lampranthus aureus "Yellow" is an extremely hardy, evergreen, succulent, spreading shrublet. It has an attractive, neat shape and masses of small, grey-green, succulent, finger-like leaves. From about Aug., all the way through spring, this Vygie puts on a show of magnificent, bright, golden-yellow ...
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  • Lampranthus spectabilis

    Lampranthus spectabilis

    Trailing Ice Plant

    Lampranthus spectabilis is a hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, drought-resistant, succulent plant that forms a dense, trailing carpet of finger-like, succulent, grey-green leaves. It bears glistening, pink to purple flowers that will light up a sunny corner of the garden.They bloom in early spring an...
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  • Lantana rugosa

    Lantana rugosa

    Voëlbrandewyn, Bird's Brandy, Wild Grassland Lantana, mabele-mabutsoa-pele, utyani-bentaka, impema, utshwala benyoni

    Lantana rugosa is a hardy, evergreen, much branched perennial shrub with rough stems and leaves.The leaves are small (the drier the conditions, the smaller the leaves), bright green and aromatic when crushed. Little clusters of pinky purple flowers are borne from September to May, and are followed b...
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  • Lapeirousia sandersonii

    Lapeirousia sandersonii

    Blou-angelier, Autumn Painted Petals

    Lapeirousia sandersonii is a very hardy deciduous bulbous plant with narrow pleated leaves. It bears branched stems of spectacular mauve flowers with dark purple streaks in delicate, many flowered heads that are borne from November to March. They attract tiny insects to the garden. This beautiful ...
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  • Leonotis leonurus

    Leonotis leonurus

    Wild Dagga, Wildedagga, umcwili

    Leonotis leonurus is a very hardy, drought and frost resistant, evergreen perennial shrub. This well-loved, decorative shrub has masses of showy, compact clusters of orange or white, velvety flowers repeated in circles up the length of every long stalk from February. to July.  An important food...
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  • Leucosidea sericea

    Leucosidea sericea

    Oldwood, Ouhout, Munyonga-Tshifumbu, Umtshitshi

    Leucosidea sericea is a decorative, very hardy, evergreen, fast growing, low branching small, tree with aromatic leaves that have silvery hairs. The yellowish-green flowers that are borne from August to December are sticky with nectar and held in candle-like spikes. The flowers attract many insects ...
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  • Linum africanum

    Linum africanum

    African Flax

    Linum africanum is a hardy, small, evergreen, compact, drought resistant, bushy shrublet with attractive, grey-green leaves. It bears masses of pretty, shiny, yellow flowers that are often flushed with red on the underside from October to April.   Plant in either full sun or semi-shade in well-...
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  • Lippia javanica

    Lippia javanica

    Fever Tea, Lemoenbossie, umsuzwane, inzinziniba, musukudu

    Lippia javanica is a very hardy, evergreen, erect, small shrub with aromatic leaves. Small, dense spikes of white flowers are borne in the axils of leaves all year round. The main attraction of this quite nondescript shrub is the many species of butterfly that are always hovering around it and sipp...
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  • Lobelia anceps

    Lobelia anceps

    Swamp Lobelia

    Lobelia anceps is a hardy, fast growing ground-cover with small bright green leaves. It bears many small but beautiful sky blue flowers almost all year round but en masse from August to March. The flowers attract tiny insects that provide food for frogs and lizards. It grows naturally in marshy...
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