South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Kalanchoe rotindifolia

    Kalanchoe rotindifolia

    Common Kalanchoe, Nentabos

    Kalanchoe rotundifolia is a hardy, evergreen, erect succulent groundcover. The petioles are pink and the edges of the leaves are pinkish. It bears spikes of small tubular bright yellow flowers on branched flowering stems from March to December. The nectar-rich flowers attract many butterflies and ...
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  • Kalanchoe sexangularis

    Kalanchoe sexangularis

    Kalkoentjies, bosveldplakkie, rooiblaarplakkie, bushveld kalanchoe, red-leaved kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe sexangularis is a hardy, evergreen, robust, drought-resistant succulent shrublet with attractive, broad leaves that fold lengthwise and curve towards the stem. They turn ruby-red in winter and all year round if planted in full sun, adding colour to the garden. In semi-shade, the leaves te...
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  • Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    Geelplakkie, meelplakkie, plakkie, voëlbrandewyn, northern white lady, flapjack plant, flipping pancakes

    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora is a hardy, succulent perennial has the most beautiful, large, oval to round, plate-like, greyish-cream leaves that are edged in red. The leaves are carried in an upright rosette and are coated with white powder.This coating helps to keep the plant cool by deflecting the heat a...
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  • Karomia speciosa

    Karomia speciosa

    Perssambreelblom, sambreelboom, Mauve Chinese-hats, southern chinese hats, wild parasol flower

    Karomia speciosa (= Holmskioldia speciosa) is a hardy, deciduous, sparsely-branched shrub or small tree with smooth, pale-grey bark. The small, two-toned, softly-textured, velvety leaves look beautiful swaying in the breeze. The clusters of beautiful deep-blue flowers have a persistent papery ...
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  • Kigelia africana

    Kigelia africana

    Sausage Tree, Worsboom, Muvevha, Moporota, Modukguhlu, umVunguta, umFongothi

    Kigelia africana is a fairly hardy, very fast growing, briefly deciduous, medium sized tree. It has a straight stem and a rounded crown. The large compound leaves are clustered at the ends of the branches with lovely coppery coloured new growth. It bears huge, flamboyant dark maroon, velvety, bell...
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  • Kiggelaria africana

    Kiggelaria africana

    Wild Peach, Wildeperske, mufhata-vhufa, Muphatavhafu, umunwe, umKokoko, Monepenepe, Lekgatsi

    Kiggelaria africana is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, fast growing, medium to large sized tree which has very variable leaves. Small, yellow flowers are borne from August to January, sexes are on separate trees, with solitary, larger, pendulous female flowers and smaller male flowers i...
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  • Kirkia wilmsii

    Kirkia wilmsii

    Mountain Seringa, mountain kirkia, wild pepper tree, Bergsering, wildepeperboom, Modumela

    Kirkia wilmsii is a fairly hardy, deciduous, often multi-stemmed tree with beautiful, fine, feathery foliage. It has smooth grey bark with scars where the leaves were attached and is most attractive. The autumn colours are brilliant pinks and reds that set the tree alight. The spring colours are...
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  • Kleinia fulgens

    Kleinia fulgens

    Koraalsenecio, Coral Senecio

    Kleinia fulgens is a hardy, attractive, evergreen succulent plant with a creeping, tuberous rootstock. It has broad, flattened, slightly fleshy stalkless leaves that arise directly from a fleshy stem. They are grey-green with a purple margin. The clusters of bright-orange or scarlet flowers are car...
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  • Kleinia galpinii

    Kleinia galpinii

    Kleinia galpinii is a hardy, attractive, evergreen succulent plant has flattened, grey-green leaves that arise from a fleshy stem.These grow from a tuberous rootstock. The clusters of bright-orange or scarlet flowers are carried on a long, flowering stems from January to August.The flowers attrac...
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  • Kniphofia linearifolia

    Kniphofia linearifolia

    Common Marsh Poker, icacane, Umathunga, Vuurpyl

    Kniphofia linearifolia is a very hardy, evergreen, herbaceous perennial with basal, strap-like leaves that are folded.  A spike of tubular orangey-red and yellow flowers tops the long flowering stem of about one meter from December to May. The buds are pinkish-red to green. It does well in...
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