South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Ehretia rigida

    Ehretia rigida

    Puzzle Bush, Deurmekaarbos, mutepe, morôbê, umklele, umbotshane, moroba

    Ehretia rigida is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, attractive shrub with an interesting shape. This is formed by its tangled downwards pointing, gracefully arching branchlets and also gives its common name Puzzle bush. The grey-green leaves are clustered on short side branches. The te...
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  • Ekebergia capensis

    Ekebergia capensis

    Cape Ash, Essenhout, Mutovuma, Umnyamathi

    Ekebergia capensis is a fairly hardy, semi-deciduous, lush, medium sized, good shade tree with decorative berries that are much favoured by birds. The small, scented greenish-white flowers appear from August to December. Male and female flowers are on separate trees therefore only female plants bea...
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  • Elegia capansis

    Elegia capansis


    Elegia capensis is a hardy, evergreen restio is a large, ornamental form plant for water features.It produces tall stems with soft-feathery leaves at regular intervals along its length. The golden-brown flowers are carried at the tip of the tall stems in Octocber and November.It is a beautiful fo...
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  • Eragrostis capensis

    Eragrostis capensis

    Hartjiesgras, Small Heart Seed Grass, Umbhimbane

    Eragrostis capensis is a very hardy, evergreen to semi-deciduous, densely-tufted, small perennial grass. The blue-green, slender leaves have purple bases. The flower spikes are held erect with plump, golden, heart-shaped spikelets from September to May. This grass prefers growing in moist are...
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  • Eriocephalus africanus

    Eriocephalus africanus

    Wild Rosemary, Kapokbossie

    Hardy, attractive, fast growing evergreen, aromatic, small shrub, with fine, soft, grey, heavily scented leaves. It flowers from autumn to winter with white, daisy-like flowers that have a purple centre and are followed by attractive, white, woolly seed heads. Plant in a well-drained, sunny positi...
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  • Erythrina latissima

    Erythrina latissima

    Broad-leaved Coral Tree, Breëblaarkoraalboom, Muvhale, Monnaphêthê, Umgqwabagqwaba, Umnqwane

    Erythrina latissima is a fairly hardy, medium sized, sturdy, deciduous tree with magnificent, huge, leathery leaves. The compact, huge spikes of red to scarlet flowers appear on the leafless tree in late winter and early spring. These are followed by long pods, sometimes in bunches, which split to ...
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  • Erythrina lysistemon

    Erythrina lysistemon

    Common Coral Tree, Gewone Koraalboom, Muvhale, Mophêyhê, Umsinsi, Mokhupya

    Erythrina lysistemon is a hardy, deciduous tree with large trifoliate leaves. The spikes of showy scarlet flowers appear in early spring before the leaves. This tree is spectacular when in bloom and would make a wonderful avenue tree alternated with Dombeya rotundifolia that also blooms in early sp...
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  • Erythrophysa transvaalensis

    Erythrophysa transvaalensis

    Bushveld Red Balloon, Bosveldrooiklapperbos, mofalatsane

    Erythrophysa transvaalensis is a rare, hardy, semi-deciduous, drought resistant shrub or small tree is mostly multi-stemmed. It has lovely silvery-green foliage that glistens in the sun. The spikes of unusual red and green flowers are borne in September and October on bare branches or with just a ...
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  • Euclea crispa

    Euclea crispa

    Blue Guarri, Bloughwarrie, Mutangule-Nyele, Motlhaletsogane, Umshekisane

    Euclea crispa is a very hardy, drought resistant, small evergreen tree has a white stem and beautiful blue-green or olive-green leaves. The leaf shape and colour are variable and can often make this tree difficult to identify. The small, sweetly scented, greenish-white flowers appear from Decembe...
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  • Euclea natalensis

    Euclea natalensis

    Natal Ebony, Natalghwarrie, Mutangule-Thavha, Motlhakola, Idungamuzi

    Euclea natalensis is a hardy, evergreen, very attractive shrub or small to medium sized tree (depending on where in grows). It has a dark, spreading crown of shiny, hard and leathery leaves. The strongly scented small, creamy white flowers are borne from August to March and are followed by round ...
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