South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Dais cotinifolia

    Dais cotinifolia

    Pompon Tree, Kannabas, Intozane-Emnyama

    Dais cotinifolia is  a very hardy, fast growing, deciduous, small tree with attractive slightly blue green leaves. In spring it has scattered pink leaves in the crown adding to the interest. It bears masses of very showy, fragrant pink, pom-pom like flowers that attract a whole host of birds a...
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  • Deinbollia oblongifolia

    Deinbollia oblongifolia

    Dune Soapberry, Duineseepbessie, Iqinisamasimu, Umasibele

    Deinbollia oblongifolia is a hardy, briefly deciduous, shrub or small tree with large decorative, dark green leaves crowded at the ends of the branches. The pyramids of white flowers, which stand out above the leaves, are borne from March to June and are followed by white, fruit that is much favour...
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  • Delosperma echinatum

    Delosperma echinatum

    Pickle Plant

    Delosperma echinatum (Pickle Plant) is a hardy, evergreen, small, partially-upright shrublet that has barrel-shaped short (25mm) leaves, hence its common name pickle plant. The light-green leaves have short, white, bristly hairs and attractive water vesicles (tiny bladders), that will add texture to...
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  • Delosperma lydenbergense

    Delosperma lydenbergense


    Delosperma lydenbergense is a hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, prostrate, succulent groundcover. The narrow, elongated leaves are soft and fleshy and vary in shape from triangular to cylindrical. They have a glistening appearance that protects them from harsh sunlight. Some of the leaves turn a maro...
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  • Diascia genta Hybrids

    Diascia genta Hybrids

    Diascia genta hybrid is a hardy, bushy, evergreen, drought resistant, perennial groundcover with fine round leaves. This hybrid has massed spikes of flowers ranging in colour from white, pink, orange through red. The flowers are borne mainly from August. to March. but it does bear some flowers all y...
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  • Diascia Hybrids

    Diascia Hybrids

    Diascia ‘Hybrids’ is a hardy, evergreen, bushy, drought-resistant, perennial groundcover with fine round leaves. This hybrid bears spikes of flowers in profusion, ranging in colour from white, pink, orange and through to red.The flowers are borne mainly from August to March but it do...
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  • Diascia integerrima Pink

    Diascia integerrima Pink

    Twinspur, Pensies

    Diascia integerrima pink is a very hardy, bushy, evergreen, drought resistant, perennial groundcover, with fine narrow leaves. It bears masses of pretty pink flower spikes from November. to May that attract insects to the garden. It prefers to grow in full sun but will tolerate partial or light shad...
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  • Dietes bicolor

    Dietes bicolor

    Yellow Wild Iris, Poublom

    Dietes bicolor is a hardy, evergreen, clump-forming, graceful plant with long narrow, arching, sword-shaped leaves. It bears beautiful, large, yellow flowers with black-brown markings from August. to February. on long flowering stems. Do not cut back the flowering stems until they are finished flowe...
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  • Dietes grandiflora

    Dietes grandiflora

    Butterfly Iris, Groot Wilde Iris

    Dietes grandiflora is a very hardy, evergreen, clump-forming plant with sword-shaped leaves arranged in a fan and arising from a rhizome. It bears beautiful Iris-like white flowers with mauve and yellow markings in spring and summer. Flowers best in sun but also makes a good filler in light shade u...
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  • Diospyros lycioides

    Diospyros lycioides

    Bluebush, Karoobloubos, muţhaļa, umnqandane

    Diospyros lycioides is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, fast growing shrub or small tree.  It bears sweetly scented, white, bell-shaped flowers from September to December that attract butterflies and other insects.  The edible berries are large, red and decorative and also attr...
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