South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

  • Babiana hypogea

    Babiana hypogea


    Babiana hypogea is a very hardy, deciduous bulb has attractive pleated leaves.  It bears beautiful, large mauve flowers with pale yellow markings in summer and autumn. The flowers are sweetly scented and borne at ground level. The flowers attract insects to the garden. This unusual bulb is sel...
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  • Barleria greenii

    Barleria greenii

    Wild Bush Petunia, Green's barleria

    Barleria greenii is a very hardy, deciduous, spiny, small shrub. It has masses of gorgeous, huge pink, Petunia-like flowers in summer. They are sweet smelling at night which suggests that they are moth pollinated and have copious nectar that attracts Carpenter Bees and other insects to the garden. ...
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  • Barleria obtusa

    Barleria obtusa

    Bushviolet, Bosviooltjie

    Barleria obtusa is a hardy, evergreen, small, drought resistant, herbaceous shrublet that tends to sprawl. It blooms profusely with violet flowers in autumn and has a few flowers most of the year round. It grows well in sun or semi-shade but blooms more profusely in the sun. Prune back hard after fl...
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  • Barleria prionitis delagoense

    Barleria prionitis delagoense

    Porcupine Flower

    Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoense is a fairly hardy, evergreen, fast-growing, drought resistant shrublet or groundcover with opposite pairs of bright green leaves. It bears beautiful, clear apricot flowers in the axils of the leaves. These make a lovely show in the garden from as early as Dece...
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  • Barleria repens Purple Prince

    Barleria repens Purple Prince

    small bush violet, kleinbosviooltjie, inzinziniba

    Barleria repens purple is a hardy, evergreen, small and fairly drought resistant herbaceous shrublet that tends to sprawl. It blooms profusely with glossy, dark purple flowers in summer and autumn but also has a few flowers for most of the year. The flowers attract insects to the garden. It has dar...
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  • Barleria repens Rosea

    Barleria repens Rosea

    Small Bush Violet

    Barleria repens rosea is a fairly hardy, evergreen, small, herbaceous, clump forming shrublet or groundcover with glossy, dark green leaves. It blooms profusely with gorgeous, bright cerise flowers in autumn and a few flowers all year round. It grows well in sun or shade. The flowers attract insect...
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  • Bauhinia bowkeri

    Bauhinia bowkeri

    Kei bauhinia, Kei White Bauhinia, Keibeesklou, Umdlandlovu

    Bauhinia bowkeri is a hardy, semi-deciduous, scrambling shrub or small tree with bright green, glossy bi-lobed leaves that look like butterfly wings. It bears big, frilly white flowers that are sweetly scented from October to December. This plant is spectacular when in flower. Plant in sun or semi-...
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  • Bauhinia galpinii

    Bauhinia galpinii

    Pride-of-de-Kaap, Vlam-van-die-Vlakte, mutswiriri, umvangatane

    Bauhinia galpinii is a hardy, deciduous, drought and frost resistant rambling shrub or climber with bi-lobed leaves that look like butterfly wings. It bears masses of beautiful terracotta coloured flowers from summer to late autumn. The Brown Playboy and the Orange Barred Playboy butterflies are...
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  • Bauhinia natalensis

    Bauhinia natalensis

    Dainty Bauhinia, Fynbauhinia

    Bauhinia natalensis is a hardy, semi-deciduous, drought resistant, small to medium sized shrub with small, distinctive leaves that are divided into two lobes. It bears beautiful, abundant, large white flowers with purplish lines leading into the flower like landing lights for the insects. It bloom...
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  • Bauhinia petersiana

    Bauhinia petersiana

    Kalahari Bauhinia, Kalaharibauhinia, Motsantsa, Mushakule

    Bauhinia petersiana is a hardy, deciduous, spreading bush with beautiful grey-green bi-lobed leaves that look like butterfly wings. It bears magnificent, frilly, large, fragrant white flowers in December and January. It requires full sun to flower best. Lightly prune plants to encourage flowering....
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