Crassula arborescens

Crassula arborescens

Common Names

Tree Crassula (english)
Beestebal (afrikaans)


Genus Crassula
Species arborescens
SA Plant Number 137,2
Basionym Crassula arborescens


Crassula arborescens is a hardy, evergreen, succulent, tree-like Crassula, which is unusual for this genus as they are usually relatively small plants. It has a thick, fleshy trunk with smooth, grey-green bark. The fleshy, bright green leaves have a pretty red rim. They have a waxy, powdery bloom which helps to keep them cool.

The attractive clusters of pink or white flowers are carried in densely packed, rounded, branched, flowering heads from August to December.

The flowers are nectar-rich and attract birds and insects to the garden. It has many medicinal uses.

This unusual tree makes a great form and container plant. Plant as an element of a rock garden, on slopes or in a succulent garden.

Flowers best in full sun but also grows well in semi-shade. Plant in well-drained soil.

Size: up to 3m


Plants for Pollinators:

Many insects including honey bees visit the flowers for pollen and nectar.



Used extensively in traditional medicine


A versatile garden plant.

Waterwise garden subject

Striking container plant and form plant.

Creates a good screen or hedge.

Plant on slopes in rockeries.


Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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