Eucomis Pallidiflora pole evansii

Eucomis Pallidiflora pole evansii

Common Names

Giant Pineapple Lily (english)


Genus Eucomis
Species Pallidiflora
SA Plant Number
Basionym Eucomis Pallidiflora pole evansii


Eucomis pallidiflora subs. pole-evansii is a very hardy, deciduous, tall, robust plant with broad, shiny, strap-shaped leaves that have finely crimped edges near the base and form a large tuft on the ground, standing up at an angle to the soil.

A thick, tall flower stalk bears masses of greenish white open flowers in a spiral from December to April. These are followed by purple seed capsules. The flower stem often needs staking as it falls over from the weight of the flowers.

It continues to be decorative while the large fruit develop in the middle of the flowers.

Size: Up to 2m




Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal


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