Psydrax obovata

Psydrax obovata

Common Names

Quar (english)
Kwar (afrikaans)
makhulu-wa-mutomboti (venda)
umzilambuzi (zulu)
umGupe (xhosa)


Genus Psydrax
Species obovata
SA Plant Number 711
Basionym Psydrax obovata


Psydrax obovata is a hardy, evergreen, medium sized, fairly fast-growing tree with angular branching patterns and almost white bark which becomes fissured with age.

It bears dense clusters of small, white, tubular flowers from November to January which are sweetly scented and attract insects to the garden. These are followed by bunches of black, edible fruit that attract fruit eating birds.

Although this tree can grow up to 12 meters tall with a fluted stem in forest conditions - in dry, cold places it is only a shrub. If allowed to branch from the bottom, it makes a wonderful dense screen. The beautiful stems make them perfect for planting in groves.

It is an import element of the coastal dune forest, helping to stabilize the dunes.

I will never forget these trees as I saw my first Bar-Throated Apalis hopping around in them, searching for insects.

Plant in full sun or semi shade in well-drained compost rich soil.

Size: 3 to 12m



The sweetly scented flowers attracts insects to the garden.


The edible fruit attracts fruit eating birds.


Coastal dune forest:

It is an import element of the coastal dune forest as they help to stabilise the dunes.


If branches are left unpruned, it forms a very good, dense, tall screen. If lower branches are pruned up, the beautiful pale stems create a good atmosphere for a grove of trees that is well suited to underplanting.


KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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