Crocosmia  Golden Fleece

Crocosmia Golden Fleece

Common Names

Falling Stars (english)
Vallende Sterretjies (afrikaans)
umlunge (zulu)


Genus Crocosmia
SA Plant Number
Basionym Crocosmia Golden Fleece


Crocosmia aurea "Golden Fleece" is a hardy, deciduous, perennial, bulbous plant with sword-shaped leaves that are arranged in a fan. The golden yellow, star-shaped spikes of flowers are borne from January to June.

They do not need to be lifted annually, and if left in the soil, will multiply rapidly, forming large colonies. Interplant with evergreen, clump-forming plants such as Dietes bicolor or Anthericum saundersiae.

It is an easy, rewarding garden plant that also makes beautiful cut flowers. The flowers attract insects and, as the birds relish the seeds, you will find volunteer seedlings popping up in the garden where the seeds have been distributed by the birds.

Best planted in well-composted soil in semi-shade but, it tolerates shady conditions and some sunny areas if it is not too hot.

Size: up to 1m


Carpenter Bees:

Pollinated by carpenter bees amongst other pollinating insects.



Excellent bedding plant or container plant.


Hybrid so no natural distribution


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