Aloe ecklonis

Aloe ecklonis

Common Names

Grass Aloe (english)
Grasaalwyn (afrikaans)
isiPhuthumane (zulu)


Genus Aloe
Species ecklonis
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aloe ecklonis


Aloe ecklonis is a very hardy evergreen to deciduous, grass Aloe that has broad leaves with white-toothed margins. The rosettes of leaves alone are most attractive. It flowers in summer from November to January, with characteristically short flowering stems. The flowers vary in colour from yellow or orange to salmon-pink and even rarely red.

It is an attractive garden subject as a large number of inflorescences are borne simultaneously. Plant in amongst grasses in a grassland garden or as an attractive form plant in garden beds or containers.

It has medicinal and magical uses and the leaves can be eaten as a vegetable.

Plant in full sun or light semi-shade, and if not in moist soil, water well and regularly.

Size up to 40cm


Wildlife Garden addition:
  • Sunbirds visit the flowers for nectar.
  • Insects readily visit the flowers for pollen and nectar.



Beautiful addition to a moist grassland.


Aloe ecklonis has medicinal and magical uses. It is reputed to turn away bad luck. There is a Basotho people's belief that this plant will charm enemy bullets and turn them into water (A. Moteetee: Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol. 16 (2), April 2017, pp. 229-234).

Medicinal uses include for respiratory, reproductive and digestive purposes.


Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Freestate, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


Damp grassland, Moist grassland


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