Delosperma scabripes

Delosperma scabripes

Common Names


Genus Delosperma
Species scabripes
SA Plant Number
Basionym Delosperma scabripes


Delosperma scabripes is a hardy, dainty, yet vigorous flat growing succulent. The thin stems are purple tinged when young, as are portions of the smooth, glossy, otherwise green leaves. The foliage alone of this plant is beautiful, let alone the intense magenta flowers that adorn the plant throughout the year. The typical ‘vygie’ type flowers look like purple ruby’s nestled amongst the foliage.

Being a prostrate grower, this plant lends well to container planting where it will cheerfully spill over the edges of pots or trail down low retaining walls. Should the older portions become a bit woody a light pruning will encourage fresh growth to reappear.

This species does best in a sunny position but can tolerate part sun too.

Size: to 20cm




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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