Aloe parvibracteata

Aloe parvibracteata

Common Names


Genus Aloe
Species parvibracteata
SA Plant Number
Basionym Aloe parvibracteata


Aloe parvibracteata is a hardy, evergreen, stemless Aloe that suckers freely. The leaves are carried in a compact rosette and have spots in bands.

The branched flower stem bears dull-red or coral-red flowers on tall stems and are borne in winter, June to August. Insects and sunbirds are attracted to its copious nectar.

Use in a grassland garden or plant en masse for a stunning display. Unusually this Aloe thrives in swampy areas so can be planted around a pond with great success. It also makes a wonderful container plant.

It is not fussy about the soil and will grow in clay soils. Plant mainly in full sun but it will tolerate a little shade during the day.

Size 20 to 40cm


Nectar Plant:

Sunbirds and insects are attracted by the copious amounts of nectar.



A versatile Aloe for many different (including swampy) conditions. Imressive planted en masse, and also makes a beautiful container plant.


KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga


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