Euphorbia clavarioides

Euphorbia clavarioides

Common Names

Lions Spoor (english)
Melkpol (afrikaans)
iSantilele (zulu)
Sehlehle (sesotho)


Genus Euphorbia
Species clavarioides
SA Plant Number
Basionym Euphorbia clavarioides


Euphorbia clavarioides is a very hardy flat, dwarf Euphorbia that has a large, underground stem and tiny truncated stems above ground that form a huge, greenish-yellow cushion. It bears tiny leaves that do not last long. Then the green stems do the job of photosynthesis.

The tiny yellow flowers are produced on the tips of branches from September to February.

The closely packed stems present the smallest possible drying surface to winds and, if damaged by fire, they re-sprout from the underground stem.

Plant in full sun in well-drained soil in amongst rocks or in a grassland garden. Makes a beautiful container plant.

Used in traditional medicine to bath swollen feet.

Size 0.06 to 0.15 m




Used in traditional medicine to bath swollen feet.


Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng, Free State


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