Chasmanthe floribunda

Chasmanthe floribunda

Common Names

Suurkanol (afrikaans)
Cobra Lily (english)


Genus Chasmanthe
Species floribunda
SA Plant Number
Basionym Chasmanthe floribunda


Chasmanthe floribunda is a hardy, summer-deciduous, winter-growing, bulbous plant with tall, sword-shaped, light-green leaves arranged in a fan-shape. It grows well in summer rainfall areas, although it occurs naturally in winter rainfall areas (Western Cape). The leaves die back in November and start growing again in March.

In early winter, it bears spikes of numerous, narrow, tubular, orange or yellow, oppositely-arranged flowers which are pollinated by Sunbirds.

Mix with deciduous Agapanthus sp. or Crocosmia sp. for a lovely effect of complementary plantings that give colour to the garden in winter and summer.

Plant in sun or shade, in well-drained, compost-rich soils. Water well in winter.

Size: up to 1m



Flowers provide nectar for Sunbirds.



Western Cape


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