Chironia linoides

Chironia linoides

Common Names

Cape Centaury (english)
Bitterwortel (afrikaans)


Genus Chironia
Species linoides
SA Plant Number
Basionym Chironia linoides


Chironia linoides is a hardy, evergreen, many-branched, semi-succulent, low-growing, rounded, although lax, shrublet with slender, linear, little, blue-green leaves.

This delightful plant bears an abundance of satiny, bright pink flowers with centrally-massed, yellow stamens from December to February. The flowers that are borne at the tips of each of the many branchlets are so abundant one cannot see the leaves.

It looks beautiful planted in sunny pockets in a rockery or as a filler. A worthwhile plant that is easy to grow but will benefit from other plants close by to help support it.

It needs regular watering in summer and will grow in seeps and on pond edges. Prune regularly to keep in shape. It grows in full sun.

Size: 30cm




Lovely plant for well-watered rockeries.


Use on pond edges and marshy plantings.



Western Cape

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