Ficus abutilifolia

Ficus abutilifolia

Common Names

Large-leaved Rock Fig (english)
Grootblaarrotsvy (afrikaans)
momelantsweng (tswana)
tshikululu (venda)
impayi (zulu)


Genus Ficus
Species abutilifolia
SA Plant Number 351
Basionym Ficus abutilifolia


Ficus abutilifolia is a hardy, deciduous, small to medium sized fig tree that has beautiful, large, heart-shaped leaves.

The pale green figs with raised white dots, attract birds to the garden. The figs are actually inverted flowers. They are borne in the axils of the leaves from September to March.

It is one of the rock splitter figs and has white stems and roots that flatten themselves out along rocks.

It likes a north facing position and should be kept out of the cold wind. Makes a wonderful container plant for both indoors and outdoors.

Do not plant figs near walls, pools, pipes or paving as they have an aggressive root system.

Creates an interesting focal point in the garden.

Size 2 to 10m




Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

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