Erythrina latissima

Erythrina latissima

Common Names

Broad-leaved Coral Tree (english)
Breëblaarkoraalboom (afrikaans)
Muvhale (venda)
Monnaphêthê (tswana)
Umgqwabagqwaba (zulu)
Umnqwane (xhosa)


Genus Erythrina
Species latissima
SA Plant Number 244
Basionym Erythrina latissima


Erythrina latissima is a fairly hardy, medium sized, sturdy, deciduous tree with magnificent, huge, leathery leaves.

The compact, huge spikes of red to scarlet flowers appear on the leafless tree in late winter and early spring. These are followed by long pods, sometimes in bunches, which split to reveal beautiful orange-red seeds.

The bark is rough and corky and completes the picture of a stocky beautiful specimen tree.

It needs well-drained soil and protection from frost when young. It makes a gorgeous container and form plant. Well worth the trouble of protecting it when young.

In nature the bark is eaten by elephants.

Size 3 to 10m




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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