Streptocarpus formosus

Streptocarpus formosus

Common Names

Pondo streptocarpus (english)


Genus Streptocarpus
Species formosus
SA Plant Number
Basionym Streptocarpus formosus


Streptocarpus formosus is a hardy, evergreen perennial with clumps of long, quilted, strap shaped leaves that are arranged in a basal rosette.

It bears one or two large, purple, trumpet-shaped flowers that have dark purple streaks and are carried at the tips of long, delicate flowering stems from late spring to early autumn. The name "Streptocarpus" refers the the twisted fruiting bodies / seed capsules ("Strepto" meaning twisted and "karpos" meaning fruit). As they mature and dry out, they twist to realease the tiny seeds.

This beautiful plant grows naturally in forest that are hot and humid in summer and warm and dry in winter. Water thoroughly only when the plants are dry. Water less during winter. Streptocarpus should rather be under watered than over watered.

Plant in a well-composted medium with good drainage in a shady position, where the soil is moist, rather than wet.

Looks beautiful planted alongside a shady pond or in containers.

Size: up to 15cm tall




KwaZulu Natal, Transkei

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