Dombeya tiliacea

Dombeya tiliacea

Common Names

Forest Wild Pear (english)
Bosdrolpeer (afrikaans)
ibunda (zulu)
utyibo (xhosa)


Genus Dombeya
Species tiliacea
SA Plant Number 472
Basionym Dombeya tiliacea


Dombeya tiliacea is a hardy, deciduous, small tree or multi-stemmed shrub with dark, heart-shaped, thinly textured leaves and dark fissured bark.

The umbels of large (2.5 cm diameter) sweetly scented, pure white flowers are carried in fragrant clusters from April to July.

This tree is a sight to behold with its masses of pure white flowers that are buzzing with pollinators and the birds that feed on them.

A lovely garden subject for sun or semi-shade. This plant also makes a wonderful formal or informal hedge.

The dried flowers are attractive either left on the tree or used in dried arrangements or as pot-pourri.

Size 3 to 4m




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape


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