Deinbollia oblongifolia

Deinbollia oblongifolia

Common Names

Dune Soapberry (english)
Duineseepbessie (afrikaans)
Iqinisamasimu (zulu)
Umasibele (xhosa)


Genus Deinbollia
Species oblongifolia
SA Plant Number 430
Basionym Deinbollia oblongifolia


Deinbollia oblongifolia is a hardy, briefly deciduous, shrub or small tree with large decorative, dark green leaves crowded at the ends of the branches.

The pyramids of white flowers, which stand out above the leaves, are borne from March to June and are followed by white, fruit that is much favoured by birds.

Lichens readily grow on the bark giving it a lovely mottled effect.

One of the best plants for attracting butterflies, moths, other insects and birds to the garden.

An attractive garden plant for shady areas that also makes a good container plant for indoors.

Traditionally the seeds are used to make soap, the leaves eaten as spinach and the roots used medicinally.

Size 1.5 to 5m.




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape

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