Agapanthus praecox Blue

Agapanthus praecox Blue

Common Names

Giant Blue Agapanthus (english)
Bloulelie (afrikaans)


Genus Agapanthus
Species praecox
Variegata Blue
SA Plant Number
Basionym Agapanthus praecox Blue


Agapanthus praecox Blue is a well-known hardy, evergreen plant has attractive strap-like leaves and umbels of sky-blue flowers that are borne on long stalks from December to April. They make good cut flowers.

Its large rhizomes are easily split. It grows in sun or semi shade, making it a good choice for those difficult areas that are in shade for part of the year and in sun for the rest of the year. An easy plant that requires minimal care, just the addition of compost to the soil once annually. This plant looks good year round and really beautiful when in flower.

They attract insects and birds to the garden, and also have many medicinal and magical uses. Worldwide it is one of the most utilised plants for landscaping.

Size up to 60cm




KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape:

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