Gardenia volkensii

Gardenia volkensii


Common Names

Bushveld Gardenia (english)
Bosveldkatjiepiering (afrikaans)
Tshiralala (venda)
Morala (tswana)
umGongwane (zulu)


Genus Gardenia
Species volkensii
SA Plant Number 691
Basionym Gardenia volkensii


Gardenia volkensii is a hardy, drought resistant, semi-deciduous to evergreen tree or large shrub with an interesting, rigid, branching pattern and beautiful silvery bark.

It has attractive shiny, bright green leaves. The large, white, sweetly scented, tubular flowers are borne in profusion from July to December. They open at night and attract insects. 

The flowers age to a lovely creamy-yellow colour. The persistent, ribbed, egg-shaped fruit are an added attraction to this beautiful small tree. 

Plant in full sun or semi-shade.

It makes for a beautiful focal point in the garden. Ideal for a smaller garden, and makes a great container subject, and even a bonsai specimen.

Used for medicinal and magical purposes.

Size up to  5m



The flowers open at night and attract insects to the garden.

Butterfly Host Plant:

Listed as a butterfly larval host plant.



Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal

Natural Habitat:

Bushveld, Woodland



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