Acacia xanthophloea

Acacia xanthophloea

Common Names

Fever Tree (english)
Koorsboom (afrikaans)
More o mossetlha (tswana)
Muunga-gwena (venda)
Umhlosinga (zulu)


Genus Acacia
Species xanthophloea
SA Plant Number 189
Basionym Acacia xanthophloea


Acacia xanthophloea (=Vachellia xanthophloea) is a striking, tall, deciduous, fast growing tree with distinctive greeny-yellow bark. It bears fragrant, yellow flowers from August to November.

A favoured nesting tree for birds. It is fairly hardy (protect from frost when young) but as it is a natural indicator of water it requires regular watering all year round especially whilst young. It can also tolerate inundation with water for a major part of the year.

As the shade is sparse, many plants and lawn grass will grow underneath it. When planted in groves where the sunlight can play on the stems they can create a dramatic effect.

I saw a few that were planted against the backdrop of a wall that was painted royal blue and it was magnificent.

You could plant this tree against a backdrop of the deep blue winter sky for the same effect. If you look closely at the bark of old trees it looks as if they are covered with hieroglyphics.

Size up to 30m




Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal


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