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  1. Thorncroftia succulenta

    Thorncroftia succulenta is a very hardy, evergreen, much-branched shrub with succulent stems and leaves. The many grey green leaves are covered in dense short hairs.

    From February to June, the plant bears many spikes of long, tubular magenta pink flowers.

    Rock sage makes an interesting, medium to large shrub for rockeries. As it is extremely drought hardy, this is a good addition to a waterwise garden.

    Plant in well-drained soil in sunny areas of the garden.


    Size up to 1.5m

  2. Crassula expansa fragilis

    Crassula expansa subsp. fragilis is a hardy, evergreen, spreading succulent. It is delicate-looking but a vigorous ornamental groundcover with small oval leaves and stems of either green or purple.

    This pretty plant bears masses of tiny, star-like, white flowers from November to April. These flowers attract a large variety of small, non-honey-bee pollinating insects.

    Suitable for containers and for planting between stepping-stones or cascading over rocks in rockeries. Makes a great hanging basket subject for shaded areas. It is also suitable as an indoor office plant.

    Thrives in those difficult, dry, dark, shade areas under trees, where other plants struggle to grow. It grows well in either semi-shade or shade in well-drained soil.

    Size: 15cm