What to do during your stay at Random Harvest Country Cottages

At Random Harvest Cottages we provide country inn accommodation where we are all about rest and relaxation. There are plenty of peaceful country activities available at our guesthouse for our guests to enjoy, one of which being able to watch and experience our abundant range of bird species. (We are a registered birding destination with Birdlife SA)

Recently, there were 60 species were recorded in two and half hours by a Bird Club Excursion on the grounds of our guesthouse accommodation.  The comings and goings, squabbles and skirmishes of the various species will delight both novice and dedicated bird watchers alike.

At our bed and breakfast our guests have the luxury of taking leisurely walks around the farm or down to the dam where they can do even more bird and nature watching and possibly be rewarded by the sighting of one of the more furtive bird species going about their business.

For our less energetic guests we offer to take you on a tour of the production nursery and farm in a golf car with one of our driver as a guide – a treat for young and old.

A stroll around the indigenous nursery will transport you to a botanical wonderland; our rare and wonderful indigenous plants will amaze you. As a travel B & B we find great pleasure in being able to offer our guests with a comfortable stay, beautiful scenery and even a little education on the array of ingenious plants we stock and sell.

Our B & B accommodation also offers you a relaxing timeout where you can enjoy lunch in our Waterlily Tea Garden or afternoon tea and cake while the kids play in the sandpit.

Random Harvest is a perfect children’s haven - where else can they run free in a controlled environment and interact with nature?  How can they resist the creatures - calves, chickens and geese?  Watching the cows being milked is a favourite with the children.

There is a tree trail in the offing that will offer both the rookie and die-hard tree spotters a chance to see named specimens of tree and shrub species.

At almost any time of year, you are sure to find cocoons or worms, spiders or beetles, ants or butterflies, or some form of life interacting with a host plant in some shape or form.  Just taking time to look always rewards one with a glimpse of something truly South African.

Walking through this botanical wonderland filled with rare and beautiful indigenous plants and prolific bird life will transport you to a new kind of peace and tranquillity, all the more so because you are but minutes from roads that lead back into Johannesburg or Pretoria City.


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