South African Indigenous Plant Catalogue

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  • Acacia brevispica

    Acacia brevispica
    Prickly Thorn, Dorinkiedoring, Umthathawe

    Acacia brevispica is a hardy, semi-deciduous, robust, prickly, scrambling Acacia that can be trained into a large beauti... View Plant Details

  • Acacia burkei

    Acacia burkei
    Swartapiesdoring, Black Monkey Thorn, Mokgwa, Umkhaya

    Acacia burkei is a hardy, deciduous, medium sized Acacia that has attractive, large round leaflets. Spikes of white fl... View Plant Details

  • Acacia caffra

    Acacia caffra
    Gewone Haakdoring, Common Hook Thorn, Morutlhare, Muvunda-mbado, Umtholo

    Acacia caffra is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, graceful tree with feathery foliage that gives the tree a w... View Plant Details

  • Acacia davyi

    Acacia davyi
    Kurkbasdoring, Muunga, Isikhwishi, Corky-barked thorn

    Acacia davyi is a hardy, drought resistant, deciduous, small Acacia with distinctive yellow or light brown, corky bark o... View Plant Details

  • Acacia galpinii

    Acacia galpinii
    Apiesdoring, Monkey-Thorn, Mokgapa

    Acacia galpinii is a very hardy fairly fast growing, deciduous thorn tree and is one of the largest of the Acacias. It ... View Plant Details

  • Acacia gerrardii

    Acacia gerrardii
    Rooidoring, Red Thorn, umphuzwe, muunga

    Acacia gerrardii is a hardy, fairly fast-growing, drought-resistant, deciduous Acacia.It has a long, straight stem that ... View Plant Details

  • Acacia hebeclada

    Acacia hebeclada
    Candle Pod Acacia, Trassiedoring, setshi

    Acacia hebeclada is a hardy, small to medium-sized, spreading, deciduous tree or large shrub with paired, sharp spines.T... View Plant Details

  • Acacia karroo

    Acacia karroo
    Soetdoring, Sweet Thorn, Muunga, Mooka, Umunga

    Acacia karroo is a very hardy, semi-deciduous, fast growing and drought resistant tree. Abundant, fragrant, yellow, pu... View Plant Details

  • Acacia mellifera

    Acacia mellifera
    Swarthaak, Black Thorn, Mongana, Monganga-tau

    Acacia mellifera is very drought resistant, hardy, thickset, deciduous Acacia with vicious, hook thorns. The bark is pu... View Plant Details

  • Acacia nigrescens

    Acacia nigrescens
    Knob Thorn, Knoppiesdoring, moritidi, mokoba, munanga, umkhaya

    Acacia nigrescens is a hardy, small to large stately deciduous tree is characterised by its knob-studded grey or yellow ... View Plant Details

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