Indigofera jucunda

Indigofera jucunda

Common Names

River Indigo (english)
Rivierverfbos (afrikaans)


Genus Indigofera
Specie jucunda
SA Plant Number 226.3
Basionym Indigofera jucunda


Indigofera jucunda (was I. frutescens) is a hardy, semi-deciduous, graceful, small tree with delicate compound leaves and attractive bark.

It blooms at a very young age - from 2 to 3 years old. Elegant, upright sprays of showy light to dark pink flower spikes adorn this little tree for an exceptionally long time in summer from October to March.

This pretty tree is a lovely garden subject for smaller gardens and is really beautiful planted in groves. It also makes an exceptional container plant.

Nip the tips of the branches when it is young to promote more compact growth. Plant in full sun or semi-shade in well-composted soil.

The flowers attract many insects and thus birds to the garden.

Size 1 to 4m




Eastern Cape, Western Cape


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